Scholastic Activities

Co scholastic activities

At BPS , Co-curricular activities are an integral part of curriculum. These activities are conducted during the normal school working hours and every child is encouraged to participate.


Introducing children to martial arts gives them a lifelong activity that grows with them, and delivers a satisfying outlet for their energy. In BPS we have a trained certified karate master who train the children for various gradings . Many of our students possess yellow, orange and green belt and are further training to reach greater heights.


Our Bridgewoodians learn various yogic asanas and mudras from a trained yoga instructor.
A constant practice of yoga will lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness. Our students have given stupendous performances in our school sports day and had won appreciation from the spectators.

Classical Music & Dance

Art, at The Bridgewoods Public school, is seen as an effective and powerful medium for self-exploration and self-expression. Our music and dance curriculum is designed to inspire originality and provide a platform for creative expression. Each child is encouraged to sing, play and participate in a range of music related activities to discover the “magic of music” and the “musician” within themselves. Classical Dance classes are conducted to students as young as age five. Our students give vibrant performance in all the events held in BPS much to the delight of the parents.

MUN Club

MUN club , the first of its kind was initiated in our school premises in the academic year 2015-16. This gave the students an impetus to develop their leadership skills and compete on par with the students from metro cities. This club convenes on every Saturday and explore a wide range of topics , thereby enabling the students to present their views in better manner.

Cambridge English Language Training Course

Our students are also undergoing Cambridge English Language training to take up various level exams to qualify as certified language speakers.