Cambridge English Language Classes

Cambridge English Programme classes are offered to our students To learn a language effectively, a student needs to develop confidence in using the language in all four language skills-reading, writing, listening and speaking. This class allows students to develop their language skills at their own pace through stimulating contexts which would be fun and engaging. This step-by-step way of learning with focus on international communication makes the students ready for future steady and work success.

Training for Cambridge English language examinations which tests the vocabulary skill of a student is offered at Bridgewoods. A leading English coaching Academy is training our students to face different levels of the Cambridge examinations.students to face different levels of the Cambridge examinations.

NEET/IIT-JEE Foundation Classes

BPS also signed up with leading IIT-JEE/NEET coaching Institute to offer foundation courses for our students form Grade VI to VIII. These classes help the students be better prepared to face the rigors of competitive exams.