Computer lab with up to date technology and in compliance with the safety standards.
   A state of art computer lab which enables students to equip students with ICT skills.
   Each grade is allotted two or three ICT periods every week to learn different software which is in vogue.
   Separate Labs for Biology, Physics and chemistry are present to aid the children explore their scientific skills.


   Sprawling Library and library corner in every classroom to encourage self learning.
   A wide array of books to develop the linguistic skills of every student.


   Our School Transport System ensures the safety and security of children by constant supervision and great adult care.
   There are female attendants in each bus till the last drop point.
   All buses are fitted with speed governors for the safety of our students.


Each classroom is fitted with a smart board which makes learning more fun and lively. Students gain more insight into each subject because of the visualistic method of learning.